Here’s What Your Plan Will Include
A Private Consultation to Determine Your Needs and Eligibility.
A time-tested, rock solid offshore Asset Protection Trust.
An Offshore LLC; prevents multiple levels of taxation, limits personal liability.
A personal trust representative (you’ll never be bounced from person to person)
The ability to set up an offshore bank account lightning fast and with great simplicity*
100% Solid “Battle Proven” Rob Lambert Approved Asset Protection Technology
World Class Customer Service from a Top Notch Trustee
*You are advised to establish your account in Belize because it makes things simple for you. You are free to set one up on your own in another jurisdiction, but if you have not opened a foreign bank account before, do not assume it will be easy or fast. It is highly recommend that you opt to have the trust company’s bank account assistance service.
“If You Waste Time “Thinking” About Protecting Your Assets – While Someone, Somewhere, Is ‘Planning’ to Take Them – Guess Who Will Win?”

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Who This Is Designed For

This streamlined asset protection plan is ideal for you if you have no lawsuits pending and are not currently beset by other legal problems.

You should always think ahead, have the courage and foresight to set up an asset protection plan before you’re in trouble. Doing so ahead of any trouble makes it more affordable and makes your asset protection plan more effective.


Who This Is NOT Designed For

This is not for you if you’re still unsure whether you need asset protection, or if you’re currently being sued, or have been threatened and are in eminent danger of being served any day, or if you have complex financial needs. If any of these circumstances apply, you need to seek advanced level guidance by hiring Rob Lambert, or one of Mayfair’s excellent recommended attorneys.

If you are facing any of the above circumstances – or you simply want personal counsel – please review the ADVANCED OPTIONS at the bottom of this page.


Here’s How Easy it is to Establish
Your Asset Protection Plan

Reserve your streamlined, rock-solid, asset protection package by making a $97 payment to reserve one of the available asset protection plans. This fee covers an initial phone consultation to confirm your eligibility before going any further.

If you are eligible to go forward you will then schedule and complete a second phone consultation. During this consultation, (with the Senior Trust Officer from Mayfair Trust Company) you will provide the basic information needed to establish your plan.

Afterwards, Mayfair will work quickly to establish your plan.

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What Happens When You Request Your Plan Now

  • You schedule and complete a secure 15 minute (minimum) phone consultation.
  • Provided you are eligible a second call will be scheduled (lasting an hour or less) with Mayfair’s senior trust officer on a day and time that is convenient for you. (Your appointment will can be scheduled and completed as quickly as 24-48 hours from today, based on the time you place your request).
  • During your consultation you’ll provide the information necessary to prepare your plan.
  • Mayfair will ensure your eligibility and answer your questions.

Once your consultation is complete, and it is determined you are eligible* you will be completely confident and fully able to move forward with your plan. If you choose to set up a plan, Mayfair will collect your remaining payment and prepare the first draft of your documents.

* If you’re not eligible, you will receive information on what other options may be best for you.

NOTE: If you do not elect to move forward with your plan after your consultation, you may establish an asset protection plan at a later date. However this promotional package price and the terms of this offer will not be extended.

Your attorney reviewed and approved documents will be emailed to you for your personal review. You may also have your own attorney review them at this point. If any changes are necessary, the trust company will make them and the process will be repeated.

Once you have approved your set of documents, simply sign them according to the instructions provided and return them to Mayfair Trust Company via FedEx or DHL service.


Once your signed documents are received by the trust company, they will be processed, prepared and filed with the international registry. In two weeks or less; you will receive a beautiful delivered set of fully executed documents. You can then set up your bank account and fund it as you wish.

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Plan Package Fees & Payment Options

Choose one of the convenient payment options below to establish your Trust and LLC.
These fees are all inclusive and cover your first year.

Option #1 – One payment of $3,400
(You save of $1,000 off Mayfair’s everyday fee)
Option #2 – Two payments of $1750 – made 30 days apart
(You save $900 off Mayfair’s everyday fee)

Future annual fees beginning in year two are $2,650 (fees if you go directly through Mayfair’s website start at $3,100.00, so you save $450 per year – every year – with this exclusive offer).

As is common practice with Trust Companies, you are
expected to make your payments via bank wire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get?

As an eligible client, you request your Trust and LLC. You complete the information gathering phone consultation and Mayfair will prepare your documents and email the files to you.

You will examine them, review everything and can even have your own attorney or estate planner review the documents and plans, (so you are free to get your own expert second opinions, advisement and see all the details).

I know you will be thoroughly pleased, but if for any reason you are unhappy with your documents, Mayfair will make any changes or adjustments to meet your satisfaction.

Only after you are 100% delighted with everything, will Mayfair proceed with executing the documents and establishing your Trust, LLC and bank account if you choose.

Can real property be added to this Trust and LLC?
Yes, the trust and the offshore LLC can own USA based real estate; however, it is more common and often easier to establish a USA based LLC in (such as in Delaware) to own real estate.
Mr. Lambert, are my funds safe in a Belizean bank?
After 30 years in this field and the reputation I have for being careful with my clients, I am confident that funds in a Belize bank account (which is part of a solidly set up asset protection plan) are much less likely to be taken by a creditor than funds in any USA institution. While there is no insurance of deposits in Belize, or indeed, most of the rest of the world, their banks are more stable than any other in the world. The central bank in Belize requires a 24 percent reserve requirement, which is far more than most countries including the USA.

Belize is a politically as well as financially stable nation. The independent democratic country is a member of the British Commonwealth. The banking framework of the country is modeled after the tried and tested British system. The Belizean dollar has been pegged to the U.S. dollar at the fixed rate of 1:2 since 1976.

For confidentiality, you should consider a bank in Belize. Complete privacy is ensured by the country’s no-tax policy. Minimal government interference also means less restriction. Here your money is your business. Lack of exchange controls gives you the freedom to deposit and withdraw funds at your own convenience. In Belize you can bank on your own terms.

With that said, honestly any solid bank in any solid country will do. You need to select your own bank and it does not need to be in Belize. I prefer Belize and that is why I personally use it.

Can I switch trust companies down the road?

Yes, anytime. This takes less than an hour. All the settlor (you) needs to do is to notify your current trust company that they are removed, often in favor of a new trust company which is taking their place.

Was Your Question Not Answered Here?

Watch this webinar where Mr. Rob Lambert answers the most common questions about this specific asset protection plan.

NOTE: This video contains a webinar replay from a one time promotional offer. It was available for a limited time to my existing clients. Pricing and Terms mentioned in the Video Below are no longer available. (Sorry) Only WHAT IS STATED IN PRINT ON THIS PAGE is valid now.

An Extra Incentive

Time is always of the essence when setting up your asset protection plan, but there are two important reasons why timing is even more important now.

NOTE: It is NOT advisable to take weeks or months to get your documents signed and submitted. This is inefficient for you, the legal advisers and the trust company…you remain vulnerable until your documents are executed and your protected accounts are funded.

In fact, Trust Company protocol is to cancel your order if you take longer than 30 consecutive days to complete and return your documents. In such cases you may also be subject to a fee for services rendered.

So, as an extra incentive to do your due diligence – and complete your plan in a timely manner, I have arranged another exclusive benefit for you as part of this one of a kind offer.

When You Review and Return Your Documents in 7 Days or Less Mayfair Will Reduce Your Yearly Renewal Fee from $2,650 to $2,550…

That’s a $100 off per YEAR – for LIFE

The yearly renewal rate Mayfair offers on their website is $3100 when you have both a Trust and an LLC. With this offer you get a substantial savings of $550 a year – for life!


Now, here’s the final and very important fact for you to know.

The number of these streamlined, discounted asset protection packages is limited, because they still require a lot of work on the part of the Trust Company and legal team.

You can ONLY get this exclusive savings if you make your decision now.  If you choose not to reserve your package today, the offer as it exists will be gone.

Of course, you can still go to Mayfair at a later date – but you will pay at least $1000 more for the very same protection. Sorry, NO Exceptions.

So, if you are ready to take the step you know you should, there’s no better time than now. This is an exclusive opportunity to get top notch asset protection, world class customer service and get unquestionably great benefits by doing it.


So if you have come this far, there’s only one thing left for you to say…

Yes, Rob – I want to protect myself from the professional takers, let me have one of the streamlined asset protection document packages while they are still available!

It’s time to make a decision. Click on the “Protect Me” button below. Your request will be processed and very soon everything will be complete and standing guard over your assets.

Advanced Options

Confused? Unsure? Or Have Special Circumstances or Additional Questions:

Earlier I mentioned who this streamlined, asset protection plan was NOT ideal for.
  • If you are currently being sued.
  • If you’ve been threatened or are in eminent danger of being served any day.
  • If you have complex financial needs.

Any of these requires advanced level guidance by hiring me or one of Mayfair’s excellent attorney’s.

Because it is my commitment to help you protect your assets, I am extending a special offer to help you personally. You can schedule a personal consultation with me, Rob Lambert, where I will listen to your concerns, and offer you specific solutions to them.

You will have all your questions answered and by the time we are done, you’ll know exactly what needs to be completed for you to protect yourself.

The fee for this personal phone consultation time with me is $500 and it will be the best investment you can make if you are facing trouble or just don’t know what to do.

If you would like to book a private consultation with me, just click below & you will be able to arrange it right away.