how to make a video lesson in camtasia

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If you need additional help or want the process explained step by step in detail, please watch this video on recording a powerpoint presentation with camtasia,

Guys, the video above was done in 15 minutes this morning when James asked me about using camtasia. It is a good and powerful program. After about 3 hours of work you will be able to make your own videos. It works great with power point (which i don’t know how to use yet) and word and really, any program which displays anything on your screen

You can open a document and go through it word for word. You can show a summons, a complaint, a code section, an indictment, and insurance policy, or anything. It is great to teach folks.

Each of you is invited to call me anytime for help. Rob: 212.425.0225 or email me at

You might also want to use an outside consultant (and Ryan has spend a lot of time getting Brian who is becoming good at integrating a plain old video with powerpoint).

Remember, with videos it is very helpful to have

1) a paragraph or two which will go under the video and will draw lots of seo traffic (we are using google one click which lets anybody get to the video even if they aren’t members…. they will just get locked out for further videos… but they get to see the one even if they don’t join)

2) a handout or two in PDF format

3) a transcription (optional) which will help bring in more people. Transcripts will not be downloadable but they will be searchable

4) a suggestion as to the next video to watch (i can do this if you don’t have a suggestion)

Remember, we are not selling anything. Just teach. IF somebody wants to find out more about you as their teacher they will go to the faculty tab which will have your website or contact info. Do not put overt contact info on the video. I don’t want to look like we are selling more than educating. Believe me, if we give it away they will be back and they will trust us because we tell the truth.

All videos should be optimized for streaming, the size is 720 by 540 and the format is mp4. That is about it for starters!!!!!

Any length is fine from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. I have gone longer but it is normally better to have two or three shorter videos than one big ass long one. 5 to 12 minutes is short but ideal….

I hope this helps