What is a offshore asset protection trust?

There are many types of trusts, but for this example I will define a asset protection trust as any trust formed for a term of years in a foreign jurisdiction, which does not recognize (or imposes significant barriers to the recognition of) United States judgments. Honestly, this is every country in the world since every […]

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Typical Excluded Persons Clause

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FBAR; Reporting your offshore account to uncle sam

  Download Foreign Bank Account Tax Form (FBAR)     Download IRS Form 3250, Foreign Trust Reporting     Download Foreign Bank Account IRS Tax Form (FBAR)   More info on filing FBAR form, how to file fbar form and other details – http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=148849,00.html Today, I’m going to deal with reporting your offshore bank account […]

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When is your Offshore Trust Domestic for Tax Purposes

Download IRS Form 3520, Foreign Trust Reporting Today I am going to be talking about ‘When is your offshore trust domestic for tax purposes?’. It is really weird but sometimes in fact many times you can have a asset protection trust that is offshore, international, when translated: unreachable by most creditors…an offshore international trust for debtor/creditor […]

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Kinetic vs traditional asset protection trusts

Hello Rob Lambert here with assetsprotectiontraining.com. Today I’m going to explain differences between a traditional and a kinetic Asset Protection Plan and I’m going to deal with my preferences on each. They both have their places and the bottom line is I don’t think any of you should ever do a kinetic asset protection structure; […]

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