This is Rob Lambert welcoming you to

This site is filled with key information. The best place to start is a video, I call “The Perfect Asset Protection Plan Explained in 10 Minutes.” Watch that even if you have done ten plans and think you know everything about asset protection.

What I say applies to any plan in any country whether or not it is done by me or any other person. Much of it is common sense. When you learn my asset protection rules or watch a video on the tax aspects of asset protection planning the information is just as relevant no matter who is doing your planning. In fact, watch these videos (which are all free) no matter what you are doing and who is doing it.

This site is not meant to be a Do It Yourself video handbook. It also is not designed to force you to hire me to implement some “secret” trust system. That is all bunk. The rules are straightforward.

I make a big effort to debunk the many myths and misinformation on the net about how offshore asset protection works.

I set up this site to provide straightforward information on the implementation and operation of solid offshore asset protection plans.   This site will provide you training videos outlining the key asset protection rules. It you are an existing asset protection client many of the videos will remind you of things we have discussed. If you are not a client the videos will still be valuable and may even keep you from making a serious mistake.

I not only debunk the many myths regarding asset protection I make it easy to understand the key aspects common to all plans. There is good and useful information on most aspects of asset protection. For example:

  • There are a series of videos and webinars, which go into detail about the tax consequences and reporting requirements for offshore asset protection plans. These videos demonstrate that a solid plan is tax neutral and explain why.
  • The purpose and use of every key entity (these are Trusts, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies) is explained in detail.
  • There is a video that explains in straightforward language why domestic asset protection trusts are never a good idea as long as the Full Faith and Credit Clause remains the law of the land.
  • There are videos showing you in detail how you can remain in control of your assets and still keep them protected. Remember: never trust anybody with your hard earned assets. My videos will show you how to achieve this result.
  • Domestic asset protection issues are also covered in detail with particular focus on the use of domestic entities.
  • I also have some simple and somewhat rigid rules that I explain. Examples are:
    1) trust nobody.
    2) never give up control of your assets.
    3) run if your planner promises a plan will save you taxes; and,
    4) run if your planner says bank secrecy works.