November 30

Best Private Bank in Central America

Dear Subscriber:

Finally, I am able to announce that I now have a bank in Belize I can actually recommend.

It is Caye International Bank.

It was just named the Best Private Bank in Central America for 2021 by Global Banking & Finance Review. Better yet, Luigi Wewege, Senior Vice President, has made sure my clients get good service. He and his staff actually take a personal interest in you.

This is not the normal “no customer service” international bank.  They actually behave like they want your business.  They are also constantly improving their technology and plan to become crypto savvy in 2022 (see the recent Forbes article by Luigi).

Remember: Solid protection starts with getting your assets “off your balance sheet” and “outta Dodge.”  You need an offshore account to get your assets “outta Dodge.”

I am also starting a sixteen part series on my rules which, if you follow them, will keep you out of trouble and away from scammers.

The basic rules, which make much more sense once you have watched the fifteen new videos at, are:


1. What you don’t own can’t be taken from you

2. No Country in the world automatically enforces U.S. judgments

3. Trust NOBODY including your Trust Company

4. Implement when the financial seas are calm

5. It sounds too good to be true, it is

6. If your advisor promises tax savings: RUN.

7. If your advisor tells you that your account is secret: RUN

8. Manage your own money

9. Pigs get eaten

10.  Domestic does not work

11.  Always involve your lawyer and CPA (more for their gut than their knowledge)

12.  KISS

13.  Old and Cold matters

14.  Expect instability

15.  Please reread Rule number 3

16.  Do Not Trust Uncle Sam

Have a healthy and protected week.

Rob Lambert J.D., LL.M.(international tax), LL.M.(asset protection trusts), J.S.D. (international asset protection)


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