Best Private Bank in Central America

Dear Subscriber: Finally, I am able to announce that I now have a bank in Belize I can actually recommend. It is Caye International Bank. It was just named the Best Private Bank in Central America for 2021 by Global Banking & Finance Review. Better yet, Luigi Wewege, Senior Vice President, has made sure my clients get good […]

Ryan Fowler’s ‘Asset Protection in Financially Unsafe Times’ FREE for advanced training members

Ryan Fowler’s: Asset Protection In Financially Unsafe Times We’re proud to annouce we’re giving away a Free PDF eBook version of Ryan Fowler’s crtically acclaimed book “Asset Protection In Financially Unsafe Times”to all complete training members of The book thoroughly examines asset protection fundamentals as well as cutting-edge asset protection strategies pioneered by Dr. […]

Expatriation Tax

Expatriation Tax Expatriation Tax Video Hello Guys, This is Rob Lambert with Today’s weekly update is something I noticed when I was looking at Senator Schumer’s ill-conceived effort, to ban people who have expatriated from returning to the United States. I reported on that last week and you can watch that video at the […]

The Perfect Asset Protection Plan Explained In Just 10 Minutes

offshore asset protection 2021

Complete Offshore Asset Protection Plan The Perfect Asset Protection Plan Explained in 10 Minutes Video Transcript Today I want to talk about what a perfect plan looks like. I want to do it quickly and it’s something you should all watch, even if you don’t intend to do a plan now. I’m going to give […]

Belize LLC’s: Offshore LLC Asset Protection

Belize LLC’S: Offshore Limited Liability Company There are a lot of really great LLC acts; Nevis has a great LLC act there and it takes the best of several jurisdictions. The new Belize Offshore limited liability company Act, formed a couple of years ago, is absolutely the best in the world. GET STARTED ON […]

How to Protect Your Childs Inheritance

Protecting Inheritance How to Protect Your Children’s Inheritance – Video Transcript Today I’m going to be going over a short tip which you can use to protect your inheritance. It’s a very powerful tool. This tip turns a lousy estate planning trust into the equivalent of a $25,000 domestic asset protection trust. All you have […]