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A Personal Message From Rob Lambert

They’re out there.

“Dollar sign” driven maniacs, who feed on the financially vulnerable like some perverted parasite from a science-fiction movie. It’s not paranoia that drives my mission. What motivates me to do what I do is the sad
reality of the times we live in.

This course is going to serve as your inoculation against the “parasites.” What am I talking about?

I’m talking about individuals I call “professional financial predators”; these are people who make a life for themselves by using the US court system to destroy the financial lives of others. The single lethal tool of their trade is the lawsuit.

Anyone…even you…can be a target (or a victim) of a heinous lawsuit.

It can turn your beautiful life into a roller coaster of stress and legal fees, or turn your already difficult life into a literal nightmare that only the strongest can survive.

The good news is there is a way to prevent yourself from being a target, and I’m going to take you through the information you need to know to ensure you are never a victim.

Don’t misunderstand me; there are plenty of legitimate lawsuits filed against individuals or entities that ultimately deserve to be made financially responsible for their wrongs or for causing someone else’s pain and suffering. This course was not created for them.

Unfortunately, the bad guys, people who should be held responsible in a legitimate lawsuit can use the information contained in this course to their advantage as well.

I’m trusting that the message in this short mini course will primarily reach the hands of the otherwise, uninformed (and therefore unprotected) American who wants to protect what he or she has.

This online course is for the wealthy, the soon to be wealthy, the entrepreneur, the business owner, the guy or gal who has worked their tail off to build a lifestyle – using sheer grit and determination, smart moves and great thinking, even for those of you who were simply financially lucky.

Whatever the case, for every one of you out there that have enjoyed an ounce of financial success, there are a dozen individuals ready, willing and able to legally rob you. Again, these individuals’ are pecuniary parasites…professional takers because they depend on robbing the wealth of others for their own existence without making a useful or adequate return to society. The function of this training is to give you the means of stopping these parasitic individuals in their tracks. To use one of our era’s more popular buzzwords I want to empower you when it comes to keeping your assets safe.

When you are finished with this entire course (mini course+full course), you will have enough practical, real world knowledge to protect your assets…absolutely. I’ll outline the steps you’ll need to take to protect yourself from becoming a victim of even the most cunning financial vermin.

I will reveal to you the sine qua non, the bottom line essential facts, and information that is the foundation of rock solid asset protection.

Once you know what these “secrets” are you will NEVER again have to worry about losing your hard earned assets to some professional taker (lawyer, IRS, third party, creditor, etc.).


One last note, this is not made for lawyers. Attorneys who wish to read up on the technical particulars of asset protection should reference my legal writings.

This asset protection course is meant to explain the solid, fundamental, concepts, and strategies to protect your wealth. It is in no way meant to cover every nuance of the law or as a substitute for years of experience and expertise in asset protection or tax laws. If you have questions as you go through this course, be assured that I will also provide you with reliable, credible resources to find answers.

If it’s worth striving for, it’s worth protecting. 
Rob Lambert

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