What You Don’t Own Can’t Be Taken From You

Own Nothing, But Control Everything John D. Rockefeller once stated, “Own nothing, but control everything.” Basically what he meant was ‘what you don’t own can’t be taken from you’. This is the fundamental rule of asset protection that many people forget about. It’s like When Newton first saw the apple fall from the tree. Millions […]

No Country Automatically Enforces US Judgments

International Judgement Enforcement Who Enforces US Judgments Abroad Today we take on the second rule of asset protection. The first rule of asset protection is what you dont own cant be taken from you. If you haven’t seen that video, take a look at it, this is where things get interesting. This is where you […]

Never Trust Anyone With Your Hard Earned Money

Never Trust Anyone

Never Trust Anyone Rob’s Rule Today, we take on the third rule of asset protection. This is the one that I don’t need to convince my clients about because they’re all control freaks. Most of them built businesses and what does everyone know that has built a business? They know that you should trust nobody. […]

Old and Cold Matters of Asset Protection

Statute of Limitations Today, I’m going to be talking about a very important, very fundamental concept; and yes we’re going to do some deep training on it. There’ll be some 15, 20-minute sessions with the codes in all the statutes and cases – we’ll be going over it in detail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91kF6b2U8Vo GET STARTED ON YOUR […]

Pigs Get Eaten

Asset Protection is for a portion of Your Net Worth. I encourage the majority of people I communicate with to implement a asset protection plan… but I also advise them not to overdo asset protection. What I mean by this is that you must make sure that after your plan is complete, that you still […]

Fraudulent Conveyance 101

Fraudulent Conveyances or Transfers Explained Before we get into this extensive section on fraudulent conveyance, I want you to understand the bottom line. If you are already in deep trouble you can’t practice self-help, you’ll need expert help. This website and lesson is meant to provide you a solution BEFORE you are upside-down. The following […]

Offshore Banking Overview

Offshore Banking Overview Today I’m going to take on one of my favorite topics offshore banking. This is a introductory overview of offshore banking. If you take the complete training course you will learn a lot more about offshore banking. Offshore banking abroad is different than banking in the United States. Why do I even […]

Divide & Conquer Asset Protection

Divide & Conquer Asset Protection How to divide & conquer with your asset protection plan Each category of assets should have it’s own “container.” You should never mix liability-generating assets (like an apartment, house or stock in a privately-held business) with an investment account. For example, if an apartment house is in the same entity […]

Giving it to your Brother is NOT Asset Protection

Asset Protection Plan Be Proactive not Last Minute Rob’s Rule #9 Today, I’m gonna go over what happens to most people when they find themselves in financial trouble. Asset protection planning is always done best when the seas are calm, when nobodies after you. Unfortunately a lot of people wait until the last minute, when […]

Taxation of Offshore APT – Overview

Offshore Trust Asset Protection and Tax Planning Asset protection planning will almost never save you any taxes. If you use an asset protection trust, you can count on NO material income tax savings and probably an increase in compliance costs. If somebody advises you that an offshore trust (or indeed most offshore structures to protect […]