March 24

protecting your pension assets

Rob Lambert with Asset Protection Training

This video deals with protecting your pension assets.
what you should and shouldn’t do?

let’s take a look at the diagram

note: Your pension assets are up here. There’s symbolized by a safe with a lock on it.

That stay safe with a lock on, it means that your pension assets are protected by federal laws and state laws created to protect them. You can’t effectively move them Offshore.
Yes, you can move in Ira offshore, it’s not usually worth the money in the trouble.
It is possible to do not usually worth it. In most cases your pensions if they’re not overfunded are well protected from everybody except your spouse.

Your spouse will always get it if you get in a divorce and 7 out of 10, if you are likely to have that happen. I’m sorry for you that have to go through that. Your pension assets are available to your spouse, other than that, they’re perfect.

Just Look at OJ, he killed two people. He has millions of dollars of obligations to the families of the people He killed. Yet, he’s running around in Las Vegas right now, with a very very large
amount of protected money in his NFL pension.

His Predators can’t get to it, pensions are good. You just need to make sure they’re properly funded. They’re properly maintained. All of the rules have been followed and forget it.

As long as you don’t have a marital Discord coming, just consider it the safest money you can have in the United States.

Now, the next topic we’re going to talk about is Investment Real State. One of my favorites, please enjoy that one.

Thank you for watching have a healthy and protected week.


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