Contest Clause

Example Contest Clause

If any Person, including a Discretionary Beneficiary, shall, in any manner, either:(i) directly or indirectly, attempt to contest or oppose the validity of this Trust, or any other Trust settled, on or after the date of this Settlement, by the Settlor, the Spouse
of the Settlor, or both, or


(ii) Commence or prosecute any legal proceedings to set such Settlement(s) aside or challenge the exercise of fiduciary authority by the Trustee or the advice of the Protector pursuant to such Settlement(s). In such event, such Person shall forfeit his, her, or its share, cease to have any right or interest in the Trust Fund, and shall be deemed to have predeceased both the Settlor and the Spouse of the Settlor. The Trustee may, if in its sole and absolute discretion, it deems it reasonable, consider such an attack upon this trust or any of the above-described Settlement(s), an Event of Duress.

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