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By filling out the form on the right, get started on creating an Offshore Trust, Offshore Limited Liability Company LLC, and Offshore Bank Account and many other services; in one of the best country in the world for Asset Protection with great Jurisdiction.

My top choice is Belize, Why?

  1. Time Zone (Belize run on Central Time (CT) for the US)
  2. English is the first language
  3. Sophisticated Asset Protection Laws
  4. Registered trusts
  5. Limited Liability Company’s
  6. and many more

If you are seriously ready to start protecting your wealth or start building wealth, let’s talk!


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Simply move your cursor over the highlighted areas of the image to find a video that explains that part of the Offshore Asset Protection.

Rob Lambert is an expert in forming Asset Protection Plan; he is not an Asset Protection Attorney. He is the guy who can explain why a Cook island offshore asset protection trust is better than a domestic asset protection trust. 

It does not matter if you are a United States Citizen or Resident or resides somewhere else in the World. Adding an extra layer of protection goes a long way.

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