June 13 Asset Protection Training webinar

A Personal Message from Rob Lambert

“Protecting Your Assets Has Always Been Vitally Important…But Never This Simple”

Protecting your assets using this proven, three part structure is an important decision that should not be impulse based. I filmed this video series to educate you and help you make an informed, intelligent and fiscally responsible choice.

I want you to remember, the opportunity in front of you now.

Rob Lambert

How is this plan different than other asset protection plans? I am going to start with an example of a conversation I had last night with a couple. The woman has been a client of mine for about 5-6 years, substantial lady, and she is engaged to a substantial man selling his business for many millions of dollars. this starting out a life together where they want to keep their funds protected from the evil world they know they live in. Even though this man is putting millions of dollars into his pocket, he asked me the question "should I do this plan you are doing with Mayfair?" And I said 'yes'. this plan that Mayfair is presenting has all the bells and whistles of the mainstream major asset protection plan. What it does not have is me. It does not have as much handholding as this individual needs, but it has all the protection you could possibly need regardless of your asset level. The only difference is it is a lot less expensive.

Here Is What Happens When You Request Your Plan Today

step one: you will schedule and complete a secure phone consultation with Mayfair senior trust officer on a day and time that is convenient for you. Your appointment will be scheduled and completed within 24 to 48 hours from today based on the time you place your request.

During a phone call cetacean, you will provide information necessary to prepare your plan, Mayfair will ensure your eligibility and answer your questions. This will require an hour or less of your time.

After the interview is complete, Mayfair will have everything necessary to pair the first draft your documents and you will have what you need to confidently decide whether to move forward with your plan or not. At this time you will choose your payment terms.

Note: if you choose not to move forward with a plan after your consultation, you may, of course, contact Mayfair to establish an asset protection plan at a later date. However, this promotional package price and the terms of this offer will not be extended.

Step two: your attorney reviewed and approved documents will be e-mailed to you for your personal review. You may also have your own attorney review them at this point. If any changes are necessary, the trust company will make them and the process will be repeated.

Step Three: space, once you are signed documents, are received by the trust company, they will be processed, prepared, and filed with the International Registry. In two weeks or less, you will receive a beautiful delivered set of fully executed documents. You can then set up your bank account and funded as you wish.

What if the judge orders you to return your protected money? normally you want to do these plants while the financial seas are calm because the statute of limitations for fraudulent conveyance is four years in every state.

One question that came up from Charles: "Would the Belizean LLC only be used as a hole in the bucket or could use it for business in other countries?" it is normally not good to mix to kinds of assets, see if you wanted to do a book publishing company and he also wanted to sell pharmaceuticals, I would have two entities owned by the holding company here it but that holding company in and of itself can do business anywhere in the world.

The best situation is to have a trust owning an offshore LLC and have that LLC open an account with one of the institutions that invest back in US stock in their street name, and say you had $10 million of US stock you move that money from Oppenheimer in New York City to Pickett bank in Switzerland. somehow in the back rooms they are able to move the stock without it being a taxable event– I have never been able to figure that out, I have been a tax professor at USC law school and business school and I still cannot figure out how to do that without it being a taxable event, but it happens every day so I do not question how it works.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any remaining questions were not answered within this webinar.