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Hello, this is Rob Lambert with

Tonight, I’m going to be talking about doing asset protection when you really need it but can’t afford it. 

Unfortunately, that’s an all too common situation many of my potential clients find themselves in. Out of any ten people that come to you, only two out of ten will really be able to afford the substantial cost to do really

solid offshore protection. Well I think I’ve come up with a way to cut your costs way down and I want to share it with you and of course, I’m going to be offering to make this possible for you.


Fear is the reason why people do Asset Protection. 

Let’s get started: Fear 

Fear is the reason people do as the protection, they’re afraid of our politics. I don’t need to go into any details here. I’m not going to do a long diatribe. I’m not really comfortable that The United States is stable, I’m really not comfortable about Europe and Asia. the time I was in Paris, I had got in the middle of a riot. Things are tough and political stability is a major issue. The United States is not necessarily the strongest, most stable country in the world, you possibly want to have money in other places. 

In 2014 we’re going to be seen real exchange control fears. there’s already legislation on the books which stops to your ability to transfer money abroad to several banks. Truly, a large number of bank’s out there aren’t compliant with the rules that require that they basically give The United States carte-blanche access to their data when it comes to tax fraud and things like that.

Another really good reason for asset protection is just the fear of a good old-fashioned civil attack. This can come from your family members:

  • Things like divorces 
  • Things like girlfriends boyfriends 
  • Things like children getting drunk and driving their cars into the neighbor’s 

Things like that are very serious and that’s about half the problem that people have.

Another type of problem they have that comes from your closest people. our business partners. Anytime you go into a partnership, you better have a solid agreement and if you don’t, you have a distinct possibility for “you to know” litigation from the business partner. 

Anybody with a brain is afraid of the contingent fee litigators in the united states. We’re the only country that turns out more than a hundred thousand lawyers a year and gives them the power to sue anybody they want. All they have to do is file a complaint and we don’t have enough jobs for them. So what are they doing? they’re out there suing everybody. 

Then we have an aggressive Obama driven governmental attack on many of the people in the united states. The IRS, the SEC, the FTC, the DEA 

  • Everybody’s getting bigger in the federal government 
  • Everybody is auditing more 
  • Everybody suing more 

Everybody’s under a microscope with the government it’s bad and it’s all the more reason that you need to ask their protection. The problem is that you maybe can’t afford it.

Affordable Asset Protection

That’s the problem

The cost of affordable asset protection is mostly offered by scammers, crooks, Nevada corporate salesman. People offering domestic asset protection trust which you should know our pure fantasy, they don’t work! 

Solid asset protection costs money, it takes time. 

There are several types of asset protection that are very effective and don’t really require huge expertise to do correctly. I’m going to share those with you. Because candidly the problem that most people have is that they get to get caught up in the technology. 

They go to some quote guru, who probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about half the time. They get a complicated plan. it has all sorts of equity stripping and weird corporate mechanization. Well, that’s not necessary. All you need is the right technology at the right price.

Again first the word of warning this is not the proper way to do asset protection 

The proper way is for you to hire some guru am twenty-five thirty thousand dollars do it right involve your domestic estate planner and involve your certified public accountant or whoever does your tax returns. and just the fact that I’m giving you tools to do this yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t need to involve your local an attorney with any and all conveyance Azure decisions you make and particularly coordinating the asset protection with your estate plan

 doesn’t cost very much figure four or five a hundred bucks but you’re going to have to do that 

also nobody I’m at asset protection training is practicing law or offering legal advice to you I’m not a lawyer, I don’t offer it legal advice but even the lawyers here don’t want to offer legal advice we’re functioning as teachers, it’s like you went to Stanford Law School and took a course and that’s what we’re giving you so don’t start relying upon the information you get here to go out and plan your life and do it without proper advice 

I’m showing you the tools I’m giving you some techniques to get some affordable proper advice but I’m telling you you need a local lawyer always particularly when you make any transfers and you need to involve your accountant period 

that’s my word of warning and don’t come back to me claiming anything else 

okay there’s two problem areas offshore protection and onshore protection 

offshore protection is what most people need them simply need an offshore bank account that is completely safe from creditors that are one of the things that we can provide at a fordable type of cost it just takes a a little bit of work and we can do it relatively risk-free and I’ll explain to you why in a seminar about to give but we have onshore protection and we have offshore protection 

onshore protection merely takes your domestic assets and includes them in your asset protection the plan we’ll talk about that in detail in the next few minutes I’m going to show you the type of things I’m talking about 

offshore ask protection remember i said it broke into two segments Offshore’s one the main goal is to establish a creditor protection protected offshore account to hold cash and other liquidity in banks abroad but many banks will offer will often function almost like Merrill Lynch or a stockbroker and if they don’t you still want that there are many investments available offshore that are not available to domestic people many of they are safer but you can’t do it in your own name it’s because the Internal Revenue Service and the US government has slowly the water so much that the institutions abroad simply don’t want to do any business with us people we’re just too big of a pain in the butt to do business with 

so if we want to open an offshore account the first step is to establish an apt that’s this purple and the blue thing down here now it might make it so it gets a bright when I highlight it but this is how I diagram a pt’s it’s just a bucket well we need an apt so how is the best way for me to save you money with that well let’s start with a free one I’ve located some really fine trust companies too so far I’m working on more that will provide you with an attorney the prepared solid state of the art asset protection trust prepared by a lawyer in their jurisdiction certified by that lawyer to be you know solid established working solid trust of forcible in that jurisdiction and that’s a real good the first step and you normally pay the lowest I see them is eight or nine thousand dollars and the typical prices are in the mid-20s you’re going to get one of those levels trusts you’re going to have to give the trust company some information and they’re going to give it to you for free 

what’s in it for them what’s in it for them is you’re going to be paying in 15 to 17 to 18 to 19 hundred dollars depending on which jurisdiction we go to and the recording fees in those jurisdictions you’re going to be spending an annual fee with them so they do a little bit of work upfront they draft a few documents for you but hey get a solid annuity and a the relationship’s a win-win for them so they’re willing to give you a trust and I’ve you know stood their arms and there they’re going to do good trust and I’m going to make sure it works or they’re not going to get any more work for me 

so the first step is to add an asset protection trust that normally is all you need to take the efforts off of your balance sheet and remember the the first rule of asset protection is what you don’t own can’t be taken from you and when you use that trust to do you fund an asset protection trust you take the assets off of your balance sheet and they cannot be taken from you although I assume most of you have read and listen to and watch the videos on the rules watch the first two again because the the second rule is no country in the world automatically enforces us judgment and that’s why an offshore asset protection trust is the first place to start in almost every case

so we form an asset protection trust note the players set the war that’s you trust company that’s the mop shore trust company protector and beneficiary note I have not made this a kinetic plan kinetic plans where they have u.s. the person my client my settlor client who’s almost always the protector and oftentimes the beneficiary they will oftentimes be trustees co-trustees along with an offshore trust company when you do a kinetic trust that’s not what this is you’re doing a non-kinetic trust you’re vulnerable to this trust company in yellow right here well how do you avoid the vulnerability well that’s real simple you add an offshore LLC you see this little sort of the pinky triangle you form an offshore LLC and if you look carefully we will make you that’s you this little red guy down here use a manager of the offshore LLC so you control the LLC that’s how we keep you in control of your money even though you’re not the trustee if you didn’t get that listen to this video again but this is how we keep you in control of your money you’re the sole manager of the offshore LLC the trust company does not have power over the offshore LLC you’re the sole signatory of the offshore LLC and you use it to open offshore bank accounts it’s very very very common to do and this is the second thing you might want because to open almost any the offshore bank account you will need an offshore LLC particularly a bank accounts in Switzerland or countries based upon the Germanic system they don’t know about the trust they don’t like trust very much but they’re very comfortable with LLC’s and 

I must tell you I become very enamored with Belizean LLC’s in two weeks ago I got the new regulations they just came out two weeks ago and there’s a provision 37-7 in hose laws that say that if anybody wants to go after the money that you’re holding in a believe the na LLC and they want to go after it and believe they’re going to have to post cash, not upon cash equal to fifty percent of the amount they’re thinking of recovering they’re going to have to put cash with a judge hundred-dollar bills real money it’s a real big disincentive it’s what I call poor man’s asset protection trust even the offshore LLC alone is better than nothing it’s a real good start and the typical prices of those are not too much fifteen sixteen hundred dollars if we use believes that’s what we can expect to have to pay I haven’t negotiated the prices yet I’m in the process of chiseling away but the bottom line is that’s my favorite LLC jurisdiction it used to be Nevis 

so we form an offshore LLC and then the offshore LLC with you as a signatory goes and opens a bank account what I will do is introduce you to people at the various banks that I suggest and if we like if we go to Belize will use a Bolivian bank maybe banker believes a choice bank if we go to st. Lucia will use the royal Caribbean bank week or some other bank or you might use the LLC to open a bank count in England or Switzerland or any place you want you to choose your own banks you should never let anybody choose where you put your money although I think you should always get a small bank account in the country in which your trust is located not a big bank account a small bank account so that if things go to pieces you have a place you can move even you know millions of dollars for a few weeks or a few months if you have to-it’s a good start 

so step three is that an offshore bank account to your asset protection trust and the asset protection trust bank account is opened through and 

on behalf of an offshore LLC owns one hundred percent of the offshore LLC is a disregarded entity and as you’ve all learned from the many videos here the asset protection trust is a pass-through grantor trust there is no tax consequences negative to this other than you need to file the proper disclosure tax returns they’re not taxing you they’re just disclosing.

well that solves the first problem it gives you an offshore LLC that is off your balance sheet this LLC can own bank accounts and it can also own donut shops and other businesses you could open up a construction company you could open up almost anything you want offshore and it would be protected in this type of structure and look we’ve done this structure for virtually nothing all you’ve had to do is pay the filing fees and some small fees to the company performing the LLC and you’ve got your asset protection trust for free you’re not really into big you know you’re not out more than a couple thousand dollars at this stage and you’ve got the equivalent of a forty thousand dollar plan and you’ve also got the bank account you can do the bank account yourself I told you I would introduce you to the people you can also hire your trust company to give you some the assistance they charge a few hundred bucks for that normally not necessary but usually helpful that’s step three-step 

four well see that little green thing over here on the left, this is a domestic family limited partnership and this little lightning bolt separates the USA excuse me separates the USA from offshore well if we form a domestic family limited partnership right here you can put domestic situs assets into that it’s not that it gives you that much greater protection it does give you some but you can’t count on judges not to be rogues and do whatever they want so they may ignore this structure but if you add assets to the domestic family limited partnership such as you open a Merrill lynch account that account is supposed should be protected on the very day you open it and I’ll tell you what if things go bad you just move money off upstream from your domestic family limited partnership upstream to your asset protection trust which would then put it into this bank account here maybe put it, in the end, see the end right there you get to choose your investments it’s kind of nice  

okay this is the perfect asset protection plan simple and effective it’s not what you’re going to get if you go to a real pro spend 25 35 40 grand you’ll have something more complicated probably but I’ll tell you what this is a really great start and this is a point I want to make to all of 

you you are better off doing something with the assistance of your local lawyer maybe even three four five hundred dollars worth of assistance you better off doing something than doing nothing and just being vulnerable and a victim you never ever have to be a victim again I want you all to stop being vulnerable to anybody you don’t have to do it if you choose not to okay 

well so if you do this what do you get, you get an asset protection trust, you get the trust document for free as long as you pay their annual fee. you get an offshore LLC if you need it to open up your bank account. 

you get all of my training and you’ll get all the relationships if you want to open a domestic family limited partnership. I love Delaware you’ll hear all my preferences you’ll have complete access to my Rolodex, everybody that I use is open to you. 

so what do you get again I just put it down here the asset protection trust you get 

the free lawyer prepared as for protection trust agreement 

what else do you get the free lawyer prepared offshore LLC agreement 

what else do you get the free lawyer prepared family limited partnership agreement you don’t need this if you don’t want to include your US assets 

this is all modular you’re going to need the asset protection trust in the LLC to open an offshore bank account you’re going to need this family limited partnership to include your domestic assets with it but that’s pretty straightforward 

I’m going to do 31 our seminars on how to do this I’m not going to function as your lawyer I’m not a lawyer but I’m not going to function as an individual advisor I’m going to give you generic very helpful logistic advice on how to make this stuff happen. what the normal ways to do it are? and even if you hire a big fancy lawyer this will help keep you from getting hosed and you get you to know by the time we’re done with three hours of training and then an hour of answering all your questions you should have the tools necessary to do this.

what is the deal well here it is I just thought I write it down if you use any of the trust companies I recommend and you’ll have plenty of so far to you will get a solid trust prepared by a licensed attorney for the free same thing with the LLC end of flp if you need them and you pay the people that are your annual representatives and we’re talking hundreds not thousands of dollars and we’re talking about standard fees that they’ve been charging for years.

you will get the documentation for free and I we’re talking real documentation we’re talking solid stuff not garbage little forms and in addition, I’ll be providing four hours plus a great training a promise you’ll know what you’re doing intend to charge four hundred dollars for the training but the good part is the trust company if you use them will reimburse that charge so you’re going to get your training for free if you use one of the trust companies that I’m going to refer you to and again they’re doing it not because they’re trying to make a lot of money the first year 

they’re trying to develop a relationship with you over the next candidate 20 years and candidly guys I think I can finally say we are the home of the free asset protection trust asset protection should be available for everybody and maybe now it is I do hope to have the honor to get to know you thank you very much this is rob.

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