Offshore Asset Protection Video Lessons


Typical Provisions in Asset Protection Trusts

    1. Anti-Duress Provision
    2. Spendthrift Clause
    3. Cuba Clause & Definition of Event of Duress
    4. Contest Clause
    5. Getting Assets Out of APT During Settlor’s Life
    6. Coordinating Your APT With Your Estate Plan
    7. Rule Against Perpetuities Savings Clause
    8. Typical Excluded Persons Clause


Operating Your Asset Protection Trust

    1. Banking and Single Member Offshore LLC’s
    2. Protecting Intellectual Property
    3. War of the Worlds: Mock trial attacking asset protection trust; Brown vs. Edwards


Taxation of Offshore Asset Protection Plans

    1. FBAR; Reporting your offshore account to uncle sam
    2. When is your Offshore Trust Domestic for Tax Purposes
    3. How to setup an Offshore Bank Account with Belize Bank


Jurisdiction and Trustee Selection

  1. Choosing the Best Trustee and Country for Your Plan