Giving it to your Brother is NOT Asset Protection

Asset Protection Plan Be Proactive not Last Minute Rob’s Rule #9 Today, I’m gonna go over what happens to most people when they find themselves in financial trouble. Asset protection planning is always done best when the seas are calm, when nobodies after you. Unfortunately a lot of people wait until the last minute, when […]

Taxation of Offshore APT – Overview

Offshore Trust Asset Protection and Tax Planning Asset protection planning will almost never save you any taxes. If you use an asset protection trust, you can count on NO material income tax savings and probably an increase in compliance costs. If somebody advises you that an offshore trust (or indeed most offshore structures to protect […]

Charging Order Protection for FLP’S AND LLCs

Charging Order Protection Charging Order Protection Video Transcript Charging Order Protection is a concept that’s used by every Tom, Dick and Harry marketing asset protection to attempt to lure you into purchasing products that oftentimes are ineffective and inappropriate. It’s also something I rely upon and use everyday in my business, and I’m just going […]

How Strong is that Corporate Veil?

Corporate Veil Protection Corporate Veil Video Transcript I’m taking on a very popular & very common misconception. It deals with corporations and the strength of protection they give. Now, we’ve all heard that corporations offer excellent protection, that they have a corporate veil. GET STARTED ON YOUR ASSET PROTECTION PLAN Share on facebook Facebook […]

How Good is That Nevada Corporation

Nevada Corporation Warning Nevada Corporations are Scams unless you live in Nevada Today, I take on one of my favorite scams, and one of the legitimate asset protection issues that you’re all going to confront. If you do any looking on the internet for asset protection, you’re going to come across Nevada corporations. GET […]

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts in 3 minutes

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts in 3 minutes Today, I’m going to take on a widely promoted, widely advertised product that you should stay away from. Don’t touch it. What is it? Domestic asset protection. Domestic Asset Protection in some State Well, simple, domestic asset protection and domestic asset protection trusts. This is absolutely a ridiculous […]

Homestead Exemption and Planning

Homestead Exemption Planning Then there are bankruptcy exemptions, which may use federal and/or state exemptions, and which only apply in bankruptcy. The types of state-protected assets vary greatly from state to state. Furthermore, the extent to which assets are protected in a given state also varies. However, there are general categories of exempt assets. […]

Non-Qualified Personal Residence Trusts

Non-Qualified Personal Residence Trusts From Asset Protection in Financially Unsafe Times, pp. 197-199 GET STARTED ON YOUR ASSET PROTECTION PLAN Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Share on email Email Overcoming a Qualified Personal Residence Trust   How then might one overcome a QPRT’s asset […]

Foreclosure is Not Always Tax Free

Foreclosure is Not Always Tax Free Video Transcript A lot of you are losing your homes and your investment real estate. A lot of you have mortgages on that real estate that exceeds your cost of the real estate. In that case, you probably have a mortgage on you real estate which exceeds its basis. […]

APTs are Not a Substitute for Insurance

APTs are Not a Substitute for Insurance Today, I’m going to take on a question that I’m asked alot from doctors, mostly from people who are sick and tired of paying outrageous insurance premiums to protect themselves from the inevitable lawsuits we have in the United States. Well, the question is, “Rob, if you do […]