Charging Order Protection for FLP’S AND LLCs

Charging Order Protection Charging Order Protection Video Transcript Charging Order Protection is a concept that’s used by every Tom, Dick and Harry marketing asset protection to attempt to lure you into purchasing products that oftentimes are ineffective and inappropriate. It’s also something I rely upon and use everyday in my business, and I’m just going […]

How Strong is that Corporate Veil?

Corporate Veil Protection Corporate Veil Video Transcript I’m taking on a very popular & very common misconception. It deals with corporations and the strength of protection they give. Now, we’ve all heard that corporations offer excellent protection, that they have a corporate veil. GET STARTED ON YOUR ASSET PROTECTION PLAN Share on facebook Facebook […]

How Good is That Nevada Corporation

Nevada Corporation Warning Nevada Corporations are Scams unless you live in Nevada Today, I take on one of my favorite scams, and one of the legitimate asset protection issues that you’re all going to confront. If you do any looking on the internet for asset protection, you’re going to come across Nevada corporations. GET […]

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts in 3 minutes

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts in 3 minutes Today, I’m going to take on a widely promoted, widely advertised product that you should stay away from. Don’t touch it. What is it? Domestic asset protection. Domestic Asset Protection in some State Well, simple, domestic asset protection and domestic asset protection trusts. This is absolutely a ridiculous […]

Single Member LLC

Single Member LLCs

Single Member LLC Today, I’m going to be talking briefly about offshore Single Member LLCs. What are they used for? How do you form them? What does an agreement look like? I’m going to keep it simple and straightforward right now. What are single member LLC’s? Offshore single member LLCs have normally disregarded entities. You […]

Equity Stripping: Asset Protection – Pros & Cons

Equity Stripping: Asset Protection – Pros & Cons The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Equity Stripping Although equity stripping can be effective (and sometimes the only) means to protect assets, it requires much skill to implement properly. Poorly designed programs are often either vulnerable to fraudulent transfer rulings, or are costly from a […]

Limited Liability Concepts and Veil Piercing

Limited Liability Concepts and Veil Piercing Limited liability means you are not responsible for a business’s debts, and generally the business is not responsible for your personal debts. It is like you and your business are two unrelated people–almost like your business is a distinct person. Unless a creditor convinces a judge that it is […]

Charging Order Protection and Reverse Piercing

Reverse Piercing the Corporate Veil Generally, a creditor of partner or member of a GP, LLC, LLP, LP, or LLLP (all of which are COPEs) may not seize ownership, become a member/partner, attach company assets, manage the company, or force assets out of the company. They can only get a charging order, which is the […]

Entity Choice of Law Issues

Entity Choice of Law Issues RECOMMENDED READING: (Asset Protection in Financially Unsafe Times, by Dr. Arnold Goldstein and W. Ryan Fowler, chapters 8 and 18.) A hotly debated question is: if you live in one state, can you form an entity in another state and take advantage of its more debtor-friendly laws, such as a […]

Entity Basics

Business Entity Types The Pros: No need to register anything, simplest set up and operation. Cons: No limited liability, no special tax reduction benefits (self-employment tax savings, etc.). Personal creditors may reach biz assets, biz creditors may reach personal assets. GET STARTED ON YOUR ASSET PROTECTION PLAN Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter […]