What is an IRA – Tax Basics

What is an IRA – Tax Basics I’m John and I represent Rob Lamberts and the Asset Protection Training Program. We’re going to talk about IRA today and this is all the basic course, its IRA 101. Individual Retirement Agreement IRA is an acronym that stands for the Individual Retirement Agreement, in the agreement through […]

Roth IRA’s 101

Roth Ira 101 This is a Roth 101 basic class. ROTH is an IRA, and just like the IRA stands for individual retirement agreement. However it’s associated with Roth, Roth was a congressman who came up with it. It’s a personal savings account very similar to the IRA. It’s designed to provide us with supplements […]

Should you convert your IRA to a Roth?

Convert IRA to Roth This course is about converting her IRA to a Roth. Why would you convert to a Roth? The required minimum distribution does not apply, 100% of the income is tax-free, there is no income for conversions. So when you recharacterize, which means changing your IRA to a Roth, that creates a […]