APTs are Not a Substitute for Insurance

APTs are Not a Substitute for Insurance Today, I’m going to take on a question that I’m asked alot from doctors, mostly from people who are sick and tired of paying outrageous insurance premiums to protect themselves from the inevitable lawsuits we have in the United States. Well, the question is, “Rob, if you do […]

How To Live a Tax Free Retirement and Have Income for Life Guide

Tax Free Retirement Book Download PDF:Tax Free Retirement, Income for life guide by James Burns One hundred years ago only one in four Americans lived past the age of sixty-five. Today, three in four people surpass sixty-five. We expect to live longer and with the tremendous advances in medical science, people living into their eighties […]

Equity Index Universal Life

Equity Index Universal Life Life Insurance 102 – video transcript Last time, we discussed the historical aspects of insurance when life insurance first came about, the various products and most importantly, the three fundamental questions you need to ask yourself about any life insurance purchase: What do I need or do I need it? How […]

Life Insurance Basics Explained – Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance Basics Life Insurance 101 Insurance began as a way of reducing the risk to traders, as early as 5000 BC in China and 4500 BC in Babylon. Life insurance dates only to ancient Rome; “burial clubs” covered the cost of a member’s funeral expenses and helped survivors monetarily; this is akin to modern […]