Offshore Asset Protection 2021

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This is a 15 video series on The Perfect Asset Protection Plan
– per in off your balance sheet and out of dodge, I love it!

Look at this title there’s nothing better because that’s really what perfect asset protection is. It’s what I try to achieve for all my clients.

The image is below used to represents you and your life.

It uses:

  • Circles for Humans
  • Squares for Corporations
  • Buckets for Trust
  • Triangles, for pass-through, disregarded entities like LLC’s.


Click on a section of the image for full explanations or watch videos series below.

Why should you watch my video series?

  • Watch them if you are looking to do a Belize or Cook Island Asset Protection Plan
  • Watch them if you have done ten plans and think you know everything about asset protection.
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50m 57s
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