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Offshore Asset Protection Trusts
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This is Rob Lambert with Asset Protection Training.

Today I’m going to be talking about protecting this personal property represented by the car. 

What I advise my clients to do with personal property; rings, wedding rings, household furnishings and special things but not extremely valuable is to do nothing. They’re easily disposed of, and they’re very unattractive to creditors. 

Things like a Mclaren a two or three million dollar car a couple of million-dollar pieces of artwork. What you should do with that is the same thing you should do with all your intellectual property, transferred it to this offshore LLC. 

Transfer it here gets it off your balance sheet and gets it away from the u.s judicial system. That’s the way you take care of the personal property and intellectual property, make them small and get the intellectual property out of the united states which is the worst place it can be. 

Thank you.

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