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Offshore Asset Protection Trusts
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Rob Lambert from Asset Protection Training 

Today we’re going to talk about the little sharks. The little red-headed devils that are out here to take your money away. 

They only exist in the united states to a much lesser extent in the rest of the world. They’re represented by contingent fee litigators. People who will sue you partially because they can, and they know it’s going to cost you 60 thousand dollars to answer the complaint and they can easily settle with you. I am sick and tired of this but it isn’t going to change in the united states.

What you have the choice of is either defending yourself or getting your assets out of dodge and off your balance sheet. Making it so that this little red-headed devil, does not have a motivation to come after you. Your goal is to make this circle up here as small as you possibly can. Get all your assets either offshore, off your balance sheet or protected by the law. that’s the ones with the locks on it. 

You don’t have the ability to move them but you can take them off your balance sheet and make sure your statutory protection. In the case of homestead and pensions is protected and solid. That is what you need to do asset protection is simply that.

All I really want to do is tell you don’t take them for granted and if they do come at you. Stop feeding them, make it hard for them, make it so they can’t collect. They will go on to easier and better prey because they don’t do anything on principle, they do things for money. 

Now the next topic we have is the Asset ProtectionRules. You’ll enjoy that it’ll be short and sweet.

Thank you very much for watching and have a healthy and protected week.

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