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Offshore Asset Protection Trusts
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Rob Lambert here with Asset Protection Training 

Today, I want to talk briefly about the team that you need to put together to make sure your plan works. The people that you should tell all the information to and also talk about the overall functioning.

This is a short video but I think it will help bring it all together.

Now, let’s get to the structure.

This is your life if you’re protected your life is going to change. Note: in this particular structure, we’ve got the money already offshore but I’ve already made it just abundantly clear; you need to make this circle empty and protected. How do you do it? Well, you get all your money offshore into fortune 100 fortune 50 banks if you can. Make that piggy bank up here a smaller piggy bank.

So let’s look at what happens 

First, we’re getting you smaller where it took away your intellectual property. That’s a no-brainer, everybody must do that. 

second, we put all your real estate into domestic LLC’s. One LLC for each piece of real estate, separating them dividing and conquering. A rule that isn’t showing. Taking them off your balance sheet, that is a good holding position to develop and own real estate when the financial seas are calm.

If the financial seas become troubled, move the money, extract the money, borrow against it, sell it, dispose of it, do not keep it because it’s available to Mr creditor up here.

What do you do with the rest of your assets, well your money starts shrinking, but you have more money, it’s offshore! It’s available to you you’re paying taxes on it but it’s not available to the Mr little red-faced devil creditor he or she is disenfranchised. 

Same thing with your personal property. I said I don’t particularly like to protect it but it is easy to make it small. Remember when trouble comes you always have several years of notice, unless it’s a really unique situation. Use that time to make your personal property smaller.

What is the last person, the last issue? It’s the team. 

You need somebody like me to do the plan. you need a good local lawyer, somebody who understands you. somebody who can do your estate planning. Ideally somebody younger than you, so that you have someone who knows what you care about with your family and can actually deal with your estate planning issues up here, that’s important.

Also, you need a good accountant, I didn’t say an expensive accountant or a great accountant but you need somebody who understands tax compliance.

It is my hope, that you all seriously consider asset protection for yourself. 

I honestly want every one of you to protect yourselves. whether you hire a fancy guy like me or have your local lawyer watch this and implement it. I will always help local lawyers by the way 

Make sure you’re protected, do not be vulnerable, you don’t have to be vulnerable anymore.

This is my message for every one of my clients and everybody that thinks about asset protection.

This is Rob Lambert, I wish you a very healthy and protected week.

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